Culture and sport products by Supply and Use Product Codes (SUPC)

Table 1
Culture and sport products by Supply and Use Product Codes (SUPC)
Table summary
This table outlines the culture and sport products in the Canadian Culture Satellite Account, and are identified by the Supply and Use Product Classification system.
Supply and Use Product Classification (SUPC)  
SUPC code SUPC title
MPG323001 Printed products
MPG332A08 Forged and stamped metal products and other architectural and fabricated metal products
MPG339901 Jewellery and silverware
MPG339909 Other miscellaneous goods
MPG511111 Newspapers
MPG5111A1 Periodicals
MPG5111A2 Books
MPG5111A3 Other published products
MPS323002 Support services for printing
MPS323003 Contract printing services for publishers
MPS411000 Wholesale margins - farm products
MPS412000 Wholesale margins - petroleum and petroleum products
MPS413000 Wholesale margins - food, beverages and tobacco products
MPS414000 Wholesale margins - personal and household goods
MPS415000 Wholesale margins - motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts and accessories
MPS416000 Wholesale margins - building materials and supplies
MPS417000 Wholesale margins - machinery, equipment and supplies
MPS418000 Wholesale margins - miscellaneous products
MPS441000 Retail margins - motor vehicles and parts
MPS442000 Retail margins - furniture and home furnishi NGS
MPS443000 Retail margins - electronics and appliances
MPS444000 Retail margins - building materials, garden equipment and supplies
MPS445000 Retail margins - food and beverages
MPS446000 Retail margins - health and personal care products
MPS447000 Retail margins - automotive fuels
MPS448000 Retail margins - clothing and clothing accessories
MPS451000 Retail margins - sporting and leisure products
MPS453000 Retail margins - miscellaneous products
MPS454310 Retail margins - household fuels
MPS511112 Advertising space in newspapers
MPS5111A4 Advertising space in printed periodicals and in other printed publications
MPS51AX00 Licensing of rights to use literary works and artistic works (except software licensing)
MPS511200 General purpose software
MPS512130 Admissions to motion picture film exhibitions
MPS5121A1 Recorded movies, television programs and videos
MPS5121A2 Movie, television program and video production, post-production and editing services
MPS5121A3 Licensing of rights to use audiovisual works
MPS512201 Recorded music and other sound recordi NGS
MPS512202 Audio recording services and copyright administration
MPS512203 Licensing of rights to use musical works and sound recordi NGS
MPS515100 Advertising air time on radio
MPS515A01 Advertising air time on television
MPS515A02 Fees for the distribution of television and radio program channels (affiliation payments)
MPS517003 Cable, satellite and other program distribution services
MPS519001 Subscriptions for online content
MPS519002 Internet advertising
MPS519008 Other information services
MPS531102 Rental of non-residential real estate
MPS532A03 Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment (except office equipment) rental and leasing services
MPS532A09 Rental and leasing services of other goods
MPS533000 Licensing of rights to non-financial produced intangible assets (except software and other copyright licensing)
MPS541300 Architectural, engineering and related services
MPS541400 Specialized design services
MPS541501 Custom software design and development services
MPS541600 Management, scientific and technical consulting services
MPS541701 Research and development services
MPS541800 Advertising, public relations and related services
MPS541901 Photographic services
MPS541909 Other professional, scientific and technical services
MPS561400 Business support services
MPS561A00 Facilities and other support services
MPS610001 Tuition and similar fees for elementary and secondary schools
MPS610002 Tuition and similar fees for colleges and C.E.G.E.P.s
MPS610003 Tuition and similar fees for universities
MPS610004 Tuition and similar fees for trade, technical and professional training
MPS610009 Other educational training and services
MPS713A00 Amusement and recreation services
MPS71A001 Admissions to live sporting events
MPS71A002 Admissions to live performing arts performances
MPS71A003 Sport and performing arts event organization and support services
MPS71A004 Career management and representation services of public figures
MPS71A005 Contract production of live performing arts performances, live sporting events and copyrighted works
MPS71A008 Heritage institution services
MPS71A009 Broadcast and other media rights
MPS812A09 Other personal and personal care services
MPS813000 Other membership services
MPS9A0000 Sales of other services by Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households
MPS9B0000 Sales of other government services
NGS611100 Elementary and secondary school services provided by governments
NGS611200 Community college and C.E.G.E.P services provided by governments
NGS611300 University services provided by governments
NGS611A00 Other educational services provided by governments
NNP610000 Educational services provided by Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households
NNP710000 Arts, entertainment and recreation services provided by Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households
NNP813930 Labour organization membership services
NNP813A01 Grant-making, civic, and professional and similar organization services
NNP999999 Other services provided by Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households
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