Statistical Methodology Research and Development Program Achievements, 2020/2021

Release date: October 6, 2021

This report summarizes the 2020/2021 achievements of the Methodology Research and Development Program (MRDP) sponsored by the Modern Statistical Methods and Data Science Branch at Statistics Canada. This program covers research and development activities in statistical methods with potentially broad application in the agency’s statistical programs; these activities would otherwise be less likely to be carried out during the provision of regular methodology services to those programs. The MRDP also includes activities that provide client support in the application of past successful developments in order to promote the use of the results of research and development work. Selected prospective research activities are also presented.  Contact names are provided for obtaining more information on any of the projects described. For more information on the MRDP as a whole, contact:

Susie Fortier

Jean-François Beaumont

Table of contents

1. Modeling, data integration and data science

2. Confidentiality / Access

3. Theory and framework

4. Support (Ressource Centre)

5. Divisional research and other activities

6. Research papers sponsored by the Methodology Research and Development Program

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