Management and editorial boards

Management board

E. Rancourt

Past Chairmen
J. Kovar (2009 to 2013)
D. Royce (2006 to 2009)
G.J. Brackstone (1986 to 2005)
R. Platek (1975 to 1986)

G. Beaudoin
S. Fortier
W. Yung

Editorial board

W. Yung

Past Editor
M. Hidiroglou (2010 to 2015)
J. Kovar (2006 to 2009)
M.P. Singh (1975 to 2005)

Associate Editors

  • J.-F. Beaumont
  • J.M. Brick
  • S. Cai
  • P.J. Cantwell
  • G. Chauvet
  • J. Chipperfield
  • J. Dever
  • J.L. Eltinge
  • W.A. Fuller
  • J. Gambino
  • D. Haziza
  • M.A. Hidiroglou
  • B. Hulliger
  • D. Judkins
  • J.K. Kim
  • P.S. Kott
  • P. Lahiri
  • E. Lesage
  • K. McConville
  • I. Molina
  • J. Opsomer
  • D. Pfeffermann
  • J.N.K. Rao
  • L.-P. Rivest
  • F.J. Scheuren
  • P.L.D.N. Silva
  • P. Smith
  • D. Steel
  • M. Torabi
  • D. Toth
  • J. van den Brakel
  • C. Wu
  • A. Zaslavsky
  • L.-C. Zhang

Assistant Editors
C. Bocci
K. Bosa
C. Boulet
S. Matthews
C.O. Nambeu
Z. Patak
Y. You

Submission of manuscripts

Survey Methodology is published twice a year in electronic format. Authors are invited to submit their articles through the Survey Methodology hub on the ScholarOne Manuscripts website ( For formatting instructions, please see the guidelines provided in the journal and on the web site ( To communicate with the Editor, please use the following email: (

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