Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Report, 2022
Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Release date: December 13, 2022
Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Description: Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Manufacturing jobs in Canada

Manufacturing jobs accounted for 9% of all jobs in 2021. A 3% decrease since 2015. The highest percentage of manufacturing jobs was in Quebec at 12% while the lowest proportion was in Newfoundland and Labrador at 5%.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Infrastructure Assets

In 2021, 0.33 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions was emitted per $1,000 of infrastructure assets production. This is a 10% decrease since 2015. Transportation machinery and equipment production emitted the most greenhouse gas emissions with 0.51 tonnes per $1,000.

Gross Domestic Product and Research and Development

Gross domestic expenditures on research and development in 2021Note 1 represented 1.6% of total gross domestic product, down from 1.7% in 2015. The top funding sectors were the business enterprise (44%), higher education (20%), and the federal government (18%).

Community Spotlight: Actua

Actua delivers inclusive and accessible STEM learning experiences and professional development opportunities to prepare youths for careers in the most promising industries. The annual impact of Actua includes 350,000 youths engaged, 500 communities reached across Canada and 1,000 post-secondary students employed.

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