Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Report, 2020
Goal 14, Life Below Water

Release date: October 20, 2020

Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 14, Life Below Water

Description: Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 14, Life Below Water

As of December 2019, 13.8% of Canada’s marine territory was conserved, covering an area of over 795,000 km2

Source: Government of Canada, Canadian Protected and Conserved Areas Database.

Canada’s conserved marine areas

To date, Canada has established 59 marine refuges

As of April 2019, these marine refuges covered an area of over 283,000 km2

A map displays marine protected and conserved areas in Canada:

  • Tuvaijuittuq marine protected area
  • Tarium Niryutait marine protected area
  • Ahiak bird sanctuary
  • Offshore Pacific seamounts and vents closure (marine refuge)
  • Wapusk national park of Canada
  • Hatton basin conservation area
  • Western/emerald banks conservation area

Marine protected and conserved areas

Sources: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Oceans Act Marine Protected and Conserved Areas in Canada and Marine refuges; Parks Canada, National Marine Conservation Area.

Canada’s major fish stocks

Of 177 major fish stocks assessed in 2018

  • 33% healthy zone
  • 15% cautious zone
  • 11% critical zone
  • 41% status uncertain

Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada, Environmental Indicators.

Community Spotlight

The Marine Animal Response Society (MARS) is a charity dedicated to marine animal conservation in the Maritimes through response, research and education. Established in 1990 to monitor and respond to strandings and incidental catches of marine animals, MARS has maintained a database of over 700 strandings in the waters surrounding the Maritime Provinces.

Source: The Marine Animal Response Society

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