Canadian potatoes, from farm to fork

Release date: December 22, 2022
Infographic: Canadian potatoes, from farm to fork
Description: Canadian potatoes, from farm to fork

In 2021, farmers planted 388,485 acres of potatoes in Canada. Since 2016, potato area has increased 12.7%.

Top potato growers, 2021
Table summary
This table displays the results of Top potato growers. The information is grouped by Province (appearing as row headers), Alberta, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island (appearing as column headers).
Province Alberta Manitoba Prince Edward Island
Total area (acres) 70,131 77,927 85,235
Average area per farm (acres) 235 523 396

Canada’s total potato production in 2021 was 5,689,455 metric tonnes, a 19.2% increase from 2016.

In 2021, 17.1 kg of fresh white potatoes were available per person in Canada.

The estimated average retail price for 1 kg of potatoes in 2021 was $4.22.

In 2021, Canada was a net exporter of potatoes, exporting 1.8 million metric tonnes, up 10.9% from 2016.

The United States was the largest export market, accounting for 90.0% of all potato exports.

Did you know?

  • Canadian farmers grow potatoes for processing (mostly French fries) and for the fresh market.
  • Most potato crops are planted with “seed potatoes” (potatoes with shoots).
  • A medium potato (148 g) provides 45% of a person’s recommended daily Vitamin C intake and 21% of the recommended daily potassium intake.

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