Trade and Gender: The Canada-Chile Story

Release date: February 5, 2020
Infographic: Trade and Gender: The Canada-Chile Story
Description: Trade and Gender: The Canada-Chile Story

Trade and Gender: The Canada-Chile Story

Since the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement took effect in 1997, bilateral merchandise trade between the two countries has increased almost fourfold.

In 2018, Canada exported $984 million in goods to Chile and imported $1.8 billion worth of goods.

There are 5,674 jobs in Canada directly or indirectly supported by merchandise exports to Chile, of which 1,611 are occupied by women.

Jobs Occupied by Women that are Supported by Exports to Chile

Table 1
Table summary
This table displays the results of Table 1. The information is grouped by Top 5 Industries (appearing as row headers), Number of jobs (appearing as column headers).
Top 5 Industries Number of jobs
Wholesale trade 223
Finance and insurance 148
Crop and animal production 140
Transportation and warehousing 117
Professional, scientific and technical services 107

More than1,200 Canadian enterprises traded with Chile in 2016.

Women- and equally-owned Canadian businesses played a much bigger role in import than export. Most of these had fewer than 50 employees.  

Table 2
Table summary
This table displays the results of Table 2 % of export Value, % of exporters, % of import value and % of importers (appearing as column headers).
% of export Value % of exporters % of import value % of importers
Women-owned and equally-owned businesses in 2016 10.50% 16.40% 25.40% 29.90%
Men-owned businesses in 2016 89.50% 83.60% 74.60% 70.10%

These numbers are encouraging but more room exists for women and women-owned businesses to take advantage of trade opportunities. Under the CCFTA’s Trade and Gender chapter, Canada and Chile are working together to make it a reality.

Note: Women-, men- and equally-owned businesses refer to Canadian Controlled Private Corporations. The reported fractions are of those for which data on gender of ownership are available.
Sources: Canadian Employer-Employee Dynamics Database (CEEDD), 2016, Trade by Exporter Characteristics (TEC), 2016, Trade by Importer Characteristics (TIC), 2016, and Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database 2018

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