Thanksgiving: Around the harvest table

Release date: October 9, 2019

Infographic: Thanksgiving: Around the harvest table
Description: Thanksgiving: Around the harvest table

Thanksgiving: Around the harvest table

Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October.

In Canada...Footnote *

  • 20.2 million turkeys were sold.
  • A 75 g serving of roasted light turkey meat provides 21 g of protein and 2 g of fat.
  • Turkey farm cash receipts totalled $391.8 million.
  • Households spent an average of $48 on potatoes in 2017.
  • One baked potato with skin (173 g serving) provides 926 mg of potassium.
  • Producers planted 1,559 acres of Brussels sprouts.
  • Farmers produced 354,749 metric tonnes of carrots.
  • Millers produced over 2.4 million metric tonnes of flour.
  • A 125 mL serving of bread stuffing contains 3.1 g of dietary fibre.
  • In October 2018, the average retail price for a pound of butter was $4.77.
  • 64.3% of cranberries were grown in Quebec.
  • A 60 mL serving of canned, sweetened cranberry sauce contains 27 g of sugar.
  • 38.9% of apples were produced in Ontario.
  • Growers produced 76,042 metric tonnes of pumpkins.
  • Commercial sales of whipping cream totalled 59.4 million litres.

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