Family Matters: Long-lasting relationships

Release date: March 13, 2019
Family Matters: Long-lasting relationships
Description: Family Matters: Long-lasting relationships

Family Matters: Long-lasting relationships

Of the 11 million people aged 55 and older in Canada in 2017, 7.5 million were part of a couple.

Five million, or 7 in 10, aged 55 and older were in a long-lasting relationship of 30 years or more.

Long-lasting relationships were more common among the married than among those who lived common-law.

  • 79% married
  • 22% common-law

People in long-lasting relationships were, on average, 68 years of age.

Long-lasting couples were likely to have at least one child.

  • 92% of persons aged 55 and older in 30-year-or-longer unions had at least one child
  • 76% of persons aged 55 and older in less-than-30-year unions had at least one child

Average number of children

  • 2.3 children in unions of 30 years or longer
  • 1.7 children in unions of less than 30 years

Half of adults aged 75 and older who were part of a couple had been in that relationship for 55 years or more.

Note: Data are based on persons aged 55 and older in couples. Long lasting unions are those that have lasted 30 years or more.

Source: General Social Survey (Families), 2017.

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