Cybercrime and Canadian businesses, 2017

Release date: October 15, 2018
Infographic: Cybercrime and Canadian businesses, 2017
Description: Cybercrime and Canadian businesses, 2017

Cybercrime and Canadian businesses, 2017

Businesses spent $14 billion to prevent, detect and recover from cyber security incidents

  • $8 billion on salaries for employees, consultants and contractors
  • $4 billion on cyber security software and related hardware
  • $2 billion on other cyber security measures

Reasons businesses invested in cyber security

  • 68% for protection of personal information
  • 41% for prevention of fraud and theft
  • 31% for prevention of loss of business operations
Cyber security incidents impacted 21% of all businesses and led to 23 hours of downtime on average
Business size Businesses impacted Downtime
Large (250 or more employees) 41% 29 hours
Medium (50 to 249 employees) 28% 24 hours
Small (10 to 49 employees) 19% 22 hours
Businesses experienced attempts by cyber criminals
  Businesses impacted
to steal money or demand ransom payment 38%
to gain access to unauthorized areas 26%
to steal personal or financial information 23%
to disrupt or deface the business or web presence 22%

Source : Canadian Survey of Cyber Security and Cybercrime, 2017.

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