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Canadian Economic Observer
February 2007

Recent feature articles

January 2007
Work hours instability.

December 2006
Trade liberalization and the Canadian clothing market.

November 2006
The changing composition of the merchandise trade surplus.

October 2006
National and regional trends in business bankruptcies, 1980-2005.

September 2006
The Alberta economic juggernaut: The boom on the rose.

August 2006
Converging gender roles.

July 2006
Head office employment in Canada, 1999 to 2005.

June 2006
From she to she: changing patterns of women in the Canadian labour force.

May 2006
The west coast boom.

April 2006
1. The year in review: the revenge of the old economy.
2. Recent trends in corporate finance.

March 2006
1. Canada's place in world trade, 1990-2005.
2. Changes in foreign control under different regulatory climates: multinationals in Canada.

February 2006
Emerging patterns in the labour market: a reversal from the 1990s.

January 2006
Multipliers and outsourcing: how industries interact with each other and affect GDP.

December 2005
1. Is Canada’s manufacturing lagging compared with the US?
2. Wholesalers of pharmaceutical products: a vibrant industry.

November 2005
Rising energy prices: how big a shock to consumers and industry?

October 2005
Socio-demographic factors in the current housing market.

September 2005
Long-run cycles in business investment.

August 2005
Provincial income disparities through an urban-rural lens.

June 2005
Canada's trade and investment with China.

May 2005
1. Canada's natural resource exports.
2. Federal personal income tax: slicing the pie.

April 2005
Canada's economic growth in review.

March 2005
1. Recent changes in the labour market.
2. Canada's textile and clothing industries.

February 2005
The soaring loonie and international travel.

January 2005
1. Using RRSPs before retirement.
2. The output gap between Canada and the US: the role of productivity 1994-2002.

December 2004
National versus domestic output: a measure of economic maturity?

November 2004
Social assistance by province, 1993-2003.

October 2004
Four decades of creative destruction: renewing Canada's manufacturing base from 1961-1999.

September 2004
Canada's imports by country.

August 2004
Social assistance use: trends in incidence, entry and exit rates.

June 2004
Canada's trade with China.

May 2004
1. A diffusion index for GDP.
2. Provincial GDP in 2003.

April 2004
Year-end review.

March 2004
Terms of trade, GDP and the exchange rate.

February 2004
1. The labour market in 2003.
2. The recent growth of floriculture.

January 2004
Research and development in the service sector.

December 2003
A commodity perspective on recent trends in retailing.

November 2003
1. The changing role of inventories in the business cycle.
2. Ontario-US power outage: impact on hours worked.

October 2003
Canadian foreign affiliates, 1999 to 2001.

September 2003
Information technology workers.

August 2003
The impact of self-employment on productivity growth in Canada and the US.

June 2003
The import intensity of provincial exports.

May 2003
1. Do Canadians pay more than Americans for the same products?
2. Provincial growth in 2002

April 2003
Recent trends in spending and savings in Canada and the US.

March 2003
Year-end Review

February 2003
2002—A good year in the labour market.

January 2003
The labour market: up north, down south.

December 2002
Cyclical implications of the rising import content in exports.

November 2002
The digital divide in Canada.

October 2002
The effect of dividend flows on Canadian incomes.

September 2002
Are knowledge-based jobs better?

August 2002
The effects of recessions on the services industries.

June 2002
Recent trends in the merchandise trade balance.

May 2002
1. Foreign affiliate trade statistics: how goods and services are delivered in international markets.

2. Provincial GDP in 2001.

April 2002
Economic trends in 2001.

March 2002
Output of information and communications technologies.

February 2002
The labour market in 2001.

January 2002
After the layoff.

December 2001
Tracking the business cycle: monthly analysis of the economy at Statistics Canada, 1926-2001.

November 2001
1. Mergers, acquisitions and foreign control.
2. The labour market in the week of September 11.

October 2001
Electronic commerce and technology use in Canadian business.

September 2001
Time lost due to industrial disputes.

August 2001
Interprovincial productivity differences.

June 2001
Foreign control and corporate concentration.

May 2001
Experiencing low income for several years.

April 2001
Year-end review.

March 2001
1. Demography and the labour market.
2. Expenditure on GDP and business cycles.

February 2001
An updated look at the computer services industry.

January 2001
Plugging in: household internet use.

December 2000
Recent trends in provincial GDP.

November 2000
New hiring and permanent separations.

September 2000
Unemployment kaleidoscope.

August 2000
Income inequality in North America: does the 49th parallel still matter?

June 2000
Brain drain and brain gain: part II, the immigration of knowledge workers to Canada.

May 2000
Brain drain and brain gain: part I, the emigration of knowledge workers from Canada.

April 2000
Year-end review.

March 2000
Advanced technology use in manufacturing during the 1990s.

February 2000
1. Women’s and men’s earnings.
2. The labour market in the 1990s.

January 2000
The labour market in the 1990s.

December 1999
Patterns of inter-provincial migration, 1982-95.

November 1999
The importance of exports to GDP and jobs.

October 1999
Supplementary measures of unemployment.

September 1999
Productivity growth in Canada and the United States.

August 1999
Saving for retirement: self-employed vs. employees.

June 1999
Entertainment services: a growing consumer market.

May 1999
Seasonality in employment.

April 1999
Year-end review.

March 1999
The role of self-employment in job creation in Canada and the United States.

February 1999
Canadians connected.

January 1999
Long-term prospects of the young.

December 1998
Canada — US labour market comparison.

November 1998
” Can I help you?”: household spending on services.

October 1998
Labour force participation in the 1990s.

September 1998
What is happening to earnings inequality and youth wages in the 1990s?

August 1998
The cellular telephone industry: birth, evolution, and prospects.

July 1998
Employment insurance in Canada: recent trends and policy changes.

June 1998
Provincial trends in GDP.

May 1998
Are jobs less stable in the services sector?

April 1998
Economic trends in 1997.

March 1998
Business demographics, volatility and change in the service sector.

February 1998
Differences in earnings inequality by province,

January 1998
Regional disparities and non-permanent employment.

December 1997
Corporate financial trends in Canada and the United States, 1961-1996.

November 1997
1. Trucking in a borderless market – an industry profile.
2. A profile of the self-employed.

October 1997
Earnings patterns by age and sex.

September 1997
Are Canadians more likely to lose their jobs in the 1990s?

August 1997
Factors affecting technology adoption: a comparison of Canada and the United States.

July 1997
1. Measuring the age of retirement.
2. Trading travellers – international travel trends.

June 1997
Provincial economic trends in 1996.

May 1997
Youths and the labour market.

April 1997
Year-end review.

February 1997
An overview of permanent layoffs.

January 1997
1. RRSP withdrawals revisited.
2. REPO transactions between residents of Canada and non-residents.

December 1996
Access to the information highway.

November 1996
Job creation, wages and productivity in manufacturing.

October 1996
The effect of rebasing on GDP.

September 1996
The changing workweek: trends in weekly hours of work.

August 1996
The concentration of job creation in companies.

July 1996
Recent trends in provincial growth.

June 1996
Do earnings rise until retirement?

May 1996
Technology and competitiveness in Canadian manufacturing establishments.

April 1996
Economic developments in 1995.

March 1996
The labour force survey: 50 years old.

February 1996
Alternative measures of business cycles in Canada: 1947-1992.

January 1996
Changes in job tenure since 1981.

December 1995
Capitalizing on RRSPs.

November 1995
A primer on financial derivatives.

September 1995
Recent trends in payroll taxes.

August 1995
Purchasing power parities.

June 1995
1. Provincial GDP by industry.
2. Interprovincial trade.

May 1995
Energy consumption among the G-7 countries.

April 1995
The work experience of Canadians: a first look.

March 1995
The labour market: year-end review.

February 1995
An overview of recent trends in personal expenditure.

January 1995
Small firms and job creation – a reassessment.

December 1994
The distribution of UI benefits and taxes in Canada.

November 1994
Provincial GDP by industry, 1984-1993.

October 1994
Leaders and laggards: quality management in Canadian manufacturing.

September 1994
The hours people work.

August 1994
Innovation: the key to success in small firms.

June 1994
A profile of high income Ontarians.

May 1994
1. Unemployment insurance, temporary layoffs, and recall expectations.
2. Assessing the size of the underground economy: the Statistics Canada perspective.

April 1994
The value of household work in Canada, 1992.

March 1994
Labour markets and layoffs during the last two recessions.

February 1994
1. A profile of growing small firms.
2. The distribution of GDP by sector.

January 1994
Unemployment and unemployment insurance: an update.

December 1993
Recent trends in Canadian direct investment abroad - the rise of Canadian multinationals.

October 1993
1. The new face of automobile transplants in Canada.
2. Interprovincial trade flows of goods and services.

September 1993
The duration of unemployment during boom and bust.

July 1993
Productivity of manufacturing industries in Canada and the United States.

June 1993
Investment income of Canadians.

May 1993
1. RRSPs: a growing pool of investment capital.
2. The foreign investment of trusteed pension funds.

April 1993
Globalisation and Canada’s international investment position.

February 1993
The labour market: year-end review.

January 1993
Canada’s interprovincial trade flows of goods,

December 1992
Cross-border shopping - trends and measurement issues.

November 1992
Recent trends in the construction industry.

October 1992
Discouraged workers - where have they gone?

September 1992
Output and employment in high-tech industries.

August 1992
Characteristics of importing firms, 1978-86.

July 1992
An overview of labour turnover.

June 1992
The value of household work in Canada, 1986.

May 1992
Mergers, acquisitions and foreign control.

April 1992
Canada’s position in world trade.

March 1992
Firm size and employment: recent Canadian trends.

February 1992
The labour market: year-end review.

January 1992
Repeat use of the unemployment insurance program.

December 1991
New survey estimates of capacity utilization.

November 1991
Recent trends in consumer and industry prices.

October 1991
The regulated consumer price index.

September 1991
Family income inequality in the 1980s.

August 1991
International perspectives on the economics of aging.

July 1991
Big is beautiful too - wages and worker characteristics in large and small firms.

June 1991
1. The growth of the federal debt.
2. Foreign investment in the Canadian bond market, 1978 to 1990.

May 1991
Government subsidies to industry.

April 1991
Industry output in recessions.

March 1991
Tracking down discretionary income.

February 1991
Year-end review of labour markets.

January 1991
Recent trends in the automotive industry.

December 1990
Patterns of quits and layoffs in the Canadian economy. – Part II

November 1990
Effective tax rates and net price indexes.

October 1990
Patterns of quits and layoff in the Canadian economy.

September 1990
The labour market mid-year report.

August 1990
Capital investment intentions and realizations for manufacturing plants in Canada: 1979-1988.

July 1990
A new look at productivity of Canadian industries.

May 1990
Real gross domestic product: sensitivity to the choice of base year.

April 1990
The distribution of wealth in Canada and the
United States.

March 1990
1989 year-end economic review.

February 1990
1. The reliability of the Canadian national accounts estimates.
2. A guide to using statistics - getting the most out
of them.

January 1990
Rates of return on trusteed pension funds.

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