Canadian Social Trends Commemorative supplement

Québec 1608-2008: 400 years of censuses

Come explore Québec City's demographic evolution from 1608 until today.

Conceived to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Québec City's founding, Québec 1608-2008: 400 years of censuses, offers a demographic portrait of a city in accordance with data accumulated from the very first census- conducted during winter 1665-1666 by Intendant Jean Talon until the most recent census which took place in 2006.

Québec 1608-2008: 400 years of censuses contains:

Discover the history of the birthplace of La Francophonie in America through the perspective of 400 years of censuses history.

Note: The animated age pyramids for Québec City have been separated into three sections to better illustrate the population's evolution by era. In fact, it would have been difficult to place population numbers for 1666 and 2006 on the same scale. Specifically, since the city's population almost tripled from 2001 to 2006 because of municipal mergers, the pyramid for 2001 to 2006 is presented separately.

For some pyramids that had no data available by age, the data were smoothed using the Sprague multipliers method. The only exceptions are the pyramids for 1666, 1667 and 1681, where data were readily available for specific ages. The age groups were simply smoothed using a moving five-year average, taking into consideration that the number of inhabitants was very small during this period.

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