Water infrastructure and costs

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  • Stats in brief: 11-627-M2021030

    An infographic highlighting infrastructure assets of the Metis Settlements of Alberta from Canada's Core Public Infrastructure Survey for 2018. Data on roads, water-related infrastructure, and culture, recreation and sports facilities are presented.

    Release date: 2021-04-08

  • Stats in brief: 11-627-M2019023

    This infographic presents the 2017 results for the volumes of wastewater (sewage) processed by Municipal Wastewater Systems in Canada. The infographic displays the volumes (in millions of cubic metres) of wastewater (sewage) discharged in each province by treatment category. The categories of treatment are primary, secondary, tertiary and no treatment. The volumes discharged from combined sewers is also displayed for each province.

    Release date: 2019-06-25

  • Articles and reports: 16-002-X201100111421
    Geography: Canada

    Operation and maintenance (O&M) costs associated with the acquisition and treatment of water will vary by treatment technology, annual production volumes and the type of source water processed. This study analyzes the data collected by the 2007 Survey of Drinking Water Plants to illustrate how O&M costs vary by these factors.

    Release date: 2011-03-23

  • Articles and reports: 16-002-X201000411372
    Geography: Canada

    Potable water of sufficient quality and in adequate quantities is fundamental to human health and the economy. This article examines temporal and geographic variations in drinking water production volumes.

    Release date: 2010-12-08

  • Articles and reports: 16-002-X200900210889
    Geography: Canada

    Canada's renewable water resources are mostly the result of rain and melted snow that flow over the ground, eventually reaching our rivers and lakes. This article describes the results of a new methodology producing consistent national estimates of Canada's total annual average water yield from 1971 to 2000.

    Release date: 2009-06-18

  • Articles and reports: 11F0027M2004026
    Geography: Canada

    This paper develops a production framework that allows for self-supplied water intake, an unpriced 'natural' input. The framework is then exploited to estimate the corresponding water shadow prices and to assess the extent to which water impacts on the multifactor productivity performance of the Canadian business sector's industries.

    Release date: 2004-12-01
Reference (2)

Reference (2) ((2 results))

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 5120
    Description: This survey is being conducted to provide Canadians with national and regional indicators related to the use of water in industry.

  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 5149
    Description: The Survey of Drinking Water Plants is conducted to provide Canadians with national and regional information related to the production of drinking water.
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