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    • Table: 51-004-X

      This bulletin presents the most up-to-date available information extracted from all of the Aviation Statistics Centre's surveys. Regular features include releases on principal statistics for Canada's major air carriers, airport data, fare basis statistics and traffic data for Canada's most important markets.

      Release date: 2020-03-26

    • Table: 91-520-X

      This report presents the results of the population projections by age group and sex for Canada, the provinces and territories. These projections are based on assumptions that take into account the most recent trends relating to components of population growth, particularly fertility, mortality, immigration, emigration and interprovincial migration.

      The detailed data tables are available in CODR: tables 1710005701 and 1710005801

      Release date: 2019-09-17

    • Table: 57-003-X

      This publication presents energy balance sheets in natural units and heat equivalents in primary and secondary forms, by province. Each balance sheet shows data on production, trade, interprovincial movements, conversion and consumption by sector. Analytical tables and details on non-energy products are also included. It includes explanatory notes, a historical energy summary table and data analysis. The publication also presents data on natural gas liquids, electricity generated from fossil fuels, solid wood waste and spent pulping liquor.

      Release date: 2019-05-29

    • Table: 11-516-X

      The second edition of Historical statistics of Canada was jointly produced by the Social Science Federation of Canada and Statistics Canada in 1983. This volume contains about 1,088 statistical tables on the social, economic and institutional conditions of Canada from the start of Confederation in 1867 to the mid-1970s. The tables are arranged in sections with an introduction explaining the content of each section, the principal sources of data for each table, and general explanatory notes regarding the statistics. In most cases, there is sufficient description of the individual series to enable the reader to use them without consulting the numerous basic sources referenced in the publication.

      The electronic version of this historical publication is accessible on the Internet site of Statistics Canada as a free downloadable document: text as HTML pages and all tables as individual spreadsheets in a comma delimited format (CSV) (which allows online viewing or downloading).

      Release date: 1999-07-29
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    Reference (1) ((1 result))

    • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 45-20-0001

      The Canadian Index of Multiple Deprivation (CIMD) is an area-based index which used 2016 Census of Population microdata to measure four key dimensions of deprivation at the dissemination area (DA)-level: residential instability, economic dependency, situational vulnerability and ethno-cultural composition.

      The CIMD allows for an understanding of inequalities in various measures of health and social well-being. While it is a geographically-based index of deprivation and marginalization, it can also be used as a proxy for an individual. The CIMD has the potential to be widely used by researchers on a variety of topics related to socio-economic research. Other uses for the index may include: policy planning and evaluation, or resource allocation.

      Release date: 2019-06-12
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