Census Profile - Age, Sex, Type of Dwelling, Families, Households, Marital Status and Language for Canada, Provinces and Territories, Census Divisions, Census Subdivisions and Dissemination Areas, 2016 Census

Tables: 98-401-X2016014


Starting with the Census of Population release on age and sex, and on subsequent release dates, profile component data will be available at the Canada, province and territory, economic region, census division and census subdivision levels, at the census metropolitan area, census agglomeration, population centre and census tract levels, at the designated places level, at the federal electoral district (based on the 2013 Representation Order) level, and at the dissemination areas and aggregate dissemination areas levels.

Profile component data for all other standard geographic areas, including dissolved census subdivisions, and forward sortation areas, will be available after the Census of Population release dates.

Issue Number: 2016014

Main Product: Census Profile Downloads

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HTMLAugust 2, 2017
  • Correction: August 31, 2017

    Following the August 2, 2017 census release, language data anomalies were discovered for various geographic areas. An in-depth investigation to identify their source was conducted. For more details refer to the Update of the 2016 Census language data .