Overview of the Census

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 98-302-X


The Overview of the Census is a reference document covering each phase of the Census of Population and Census of Agriculture. It provides an overview of the 2011 Census from legislation governing the census to content determination, collection, processing, data quality assessment and data dissemination. It also traces the history of the census from the early days of New France to the present.

In addition, the Overview of the Census informs users about the steps taken to protect confidential information, along with steps taken to verify the data and minimize errors. It also provides information on the possible uses of census data and covers the different levels of geography and the range of products and services available.

The Overview of the Census may be useful to both new and experienced users who wish to familiarize themselves with and find specific information about the 2011 Census. The first part covers the Census of Population, while the second is about the Census of Agriculture.

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