Census of Agriculture Custom Data Products and Services

Service: 97C0003


Statistics Canada’s Data Service Centres can tailor Census of Agriculture products to meet special data requirements, and their experienced consultants are available to advise users on the custom products that will best suit their needs. For example, custom tabulations and thematic maps can be produced for the Census of Agriculture standard geographic areas, such as province or territory, census agricultural region (CAR), census division (CD) and census consolidated subdivision (CCS), as well as for user-defined geographic areas.

Custom tabulations including current and historical farm data, operator data and farm population socioeconomic data can be prepared for every Census year starting in 1961.

Custom thematic maps allow users to visualize the spatial density distribution of specific Census of Agriculture data at selected geographic levels. culture standard geographic areas as well as for user-defined areas.

Frequency: Every 5 years
Price notes:

The cost of each custom product is based on the time required to produce it according to the client's requirements. The hourly rate is $91.37

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