Individuals File (Flat ASCII File), 2001 Census (Public Use Microdata Files)

Public use microdata: 95M0016X


This file provides data on the characteristics of the population.
The 2001 Census Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs) contain samples of anonymous responses to the 2001 Census questionnaire. The files have been carefully scrutinized to ensure the complete confidentiality of the individual responses. Three files are available: the Individuals File, the Families File, and the Households and Housing File.

Microdata files are unique among census products in that they give users access to non-aggregated data. The PUMFs user can group and manipulate these variables to suit data and research requirements. Tabulations excluded from other census products can be created or relationships between variables can be analysed using different statistical tests. PUMFs provide quick access to a comprehensive social and economic database about Canada and its people.

Most of the subject matter covered by the census is included in the microdata files. To ensure the respondents' anonymity, geographic identifiers have been restricted to provinces/territories and large metropolitan areas.

Note: Please be advised that errors have been detected in the data for two variables contained on the revised version of this CD-ROM. As well, we have added a unique record identifier called PPSORT, built/included in the file for administrative purposes only.
The affected variables are:
Income status (2000 low income cut-offs) (INCSTP)
Ethnic origin (ETHNICRA)
Further details can be found in the "Errata" file offered in several formats on the new, re-issued CD-ROM.
Original release date - February 8, 2005
1rst Correction - released August 24, 2005
2nd Correction - released April 26, 2006

Frequency: Every 5 years
Available formats: CD-ROM
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