Technical report on changes in response related to the census ethnic origin question: Focus on Jewish origins, 2016 Census integrated with 2011 National Household Survey

Articles and reports: 89-657-X2019009


According to the 2016 Census, the number of individuals living in Canada who reported Jewish ethnic origins was lower than the number who reported Jewish ethnic origins according to the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS).

This paper seeks to describe the investigation that occurred during the certification of the 2016 Census results, and provide additional information related to the population whose responses changed over time. It includes sections related to: different factors that may have caused the drop in reported Jewish ethnic origins; effects of changes to the list of ethnic origin examples over time; ethnic origin responses for those who dropped "Jewish" as a response in 2016; and sociodemographic characteristics of the population who changed their responses.

Issue Number: 2019009
Author(s): Smith, Trevor; McLeish, Scott
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HTMLJuly 26, 2019
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