Seniors As Victims of Crime - ARCHIVED

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With the increasing proportion of seniors in Canada, there has been a growing concern about their risk of becoming victims of crime. Using data from self-reported victimization and police-reported surveys, this profile examines the nature and prevalence of violent and property crimes against seniors. The report also examines characteristics of offences committed against seniors, the level of reporting to the police and the proportion of incidents involving weapons and causing injuries to senior victims. Furthermore, information on seniors' fear of crime, the prevalence of spousal abuse and seniors' risk of telemarketing fraud is also presented. According to self-reported and police reported data, seniors' experience the lowest levels of violent and property crimes compared to their younger counterparts. However, seniors may be more vulnerable to telemarketing fraud. Seniors' level of satisfaction with their overall personal safety has improved over the last five years.

Issue Number: 2007014
Author(s): Ogrodnik, Lucie
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