Impacts and Consequences of Victimization, GSS 2004 - ARCHIVED

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In 2004, as part of its General Social Survey program, Statistics Canada conducted a survey on victimization and public perceptions of crime and the justice system. For the 2004 survey, interviews were conducted by telephone with approximately 24,000 people, aged 15 and older, living in the 10 provinces. Respondents were asked about their experiences with criminal victimization. Those respondents who had been victims of a crime in the previous 12 months were asked for detailed information on each incident, including describing any physical injury sustained, financial losses incurred, emotional/psychological after-effects and/or interruption of daily activities.
This Juristat explores how victims are affected by their victimization focusing on the different after-effects associated with violent and non-violent crime as well as by the sex of the victim. The report also details the impact of being a victim of crime on perceptions of personal safety and confidence in the judicial system.

Issue Number: 2007001
Author(s): AuCoin, Kathy; Beauchamp, Diane L.

Main Product: Juristat

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PDFMarch 1, 2007