Adult correctional services in Canada, 2002-2003 - ARCHIVED

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The federal government and the provincial and territorial governments share the administration of correctional services in Canada, which include custody (sentenced custody, remand and other temporary detention) and community-based sentences (probation, conditional sentences) as well as statutory release and parole supervision. Correctional services agencies at both levels work toward the same goal, that is, the protection of society as well as the rehabilitation of offenders and their safe reintegration into communities as productive members.

This Juristat reports on data from the Adult Correctional Services Survey for the 2002/03 fiscal year, and shows trends as far back as 1993/94. It examines average counts of adults who have been incarcerated, who were under community supervision on probation, serving a conditional sentence or on conditional release (parole and statutory release). The number of admissions to these programs, the offences leading to the admission, the duration of the incarceration or probation, as well as some offender characteristics, such as age, sex and Aboriginal identity are also described. Furthermore, the cost of correctional services in 2002/03, broken down by type of activity and level of government is examined. The average daily inmate costs and daily offender costs of those in community supervision from 1993/94 to 2002/03, as well as the number of correctional institutions in Canada in 2002/03 are reported.

Issue Number: 2004010
Author(s): Johnson, Sara

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PDFOctober 27, 2004