Impaired driving and other traffic offences - ARCHIVED

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This issue of Juristat focuses on police-reported impaired driving and other traffic offences under the Criminal Code. In addition, analysis is provided on cases of impaired driving and other traffic violations processed in provincial adult criminal courts. The bulk of the analysis is based on police-reported impaired driving statistics, which refer to (1) incidents known to and substantiated by police and (2) persons charged with impaired driving. It touches on a number of points that may be useful in analysing and understanding a behaviour that is considered by some to be a major problem in our society. Included are the possible effects of legislation on impaired driving; identification of variables that may be contributing to trends; methods used by the police to combat the problem; and a brief explanation of dangerous driving. The data cover the period up to 2002.

Issue Number: 2003009
Author(s): Gannon, Maire; Janhevich, Derek; Morriset, Nicolas

Main Product: Juristat

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PDFNovember 7, 2003