Custodial remand in Canada - ARCHIVED

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Custodial remand occurs when a person is ordered by the court to be held in custody while awaiting a further court appearance. While rates of crime and sentenced custody have been generally decreasing, the use of custodial remand has been increasing steadily, progressively comprising a larger share of the incarcerated population.

This special topic Juristat provides an overview of incarceration trends, focussing on changes in the use of custodial remand. A variety of factors and data sources are also examined in order to provide insights into why the use of custodial remand may be increasing. Factors examined include the changes in the violent crime rate, the use of time served sentences, increasing duration of remand, implementation of conditional sentences (and conditional sentence breaches), and changes to the Criminal Code.

Issue Number: 2003007
Author(s): Johnson, Sara

Main Product: Juristat

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PDFSeptember 26, 2003