Crime comparisons between Canada and the United States - ARCHIVED

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This Juristat examines how Canadian crime rates compare to those in the United States. Using police-reported crime data, the analysis focuses on seven comparable offences: homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, break and enter, motor vehicle theft, theft, and arson. As well, three comparable offences were compared using charge/arrest data, including drug violations, impaired driving, and prostitution. Crime rate comparisons are presented at the national, regional, and metropolitan levels. This is a special topic Juristat of great interest to those working in the criminal justice system, as well as researchers, policy makers, and anyone who is interested in cross-national crime comparisons.

Issue Number: 2001011
Author(s): Gannon, Maire; Gannon, Mary

Main Product: Juristat

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PDFDecember 18, 2001