Induced Abortion Statistics - ARCHIVED

Tables: 82-223-X


This product provides annual statistics on induced abortions performed in Canada on Canadian and non-Canadian residents. Where applicable, data on induced abortions performed on Canadian women in selected American states are also provided.

Counts, rates per 1,000 women and ratios per 100 live births of induced abortions at the national, provincial and territorial levels are provided. Certain tables indicate the number of abortions performed in a hospital or in a clinic setting. Other tables indicate the counts, rates and ratios per 100 live births of induced abortions across age groups.

Some tables provide data back to 1970, while others provide data back to 1974. These tables are updated annually to include the most current data year available. The data source for these tables is the Therapeutic Abortions Survey.


In 1995, the collection of the data for this survey was transferred from Statistics Canada to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). Once the data were collected, they were transferred to Statistics Canada to be released in The Daily, Statistics Canada's main data release vehicle. This process has caused some confusion with the users of the data. Statistics Canada has decided, in consultation with CIHI that the responsibility for disseminating these data should reside with CIHI. This move will bring the Therapeutic Abortion Survey in line with other programs at CIHI.

As a result, the 2006 data is the final year therapeutic abortion data will be released by Statistics Canada. For additional information regarding subsequent therapeutic abortion data, please consult the current CIHI website.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML (discontinued), PDF (discontinued)