The Canadian Bikeway Comfort and Safety metrics (Can-BICS): National measures of the bicycling environment for use in research and policy

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Cycling is the fastest growing mode of transportation in many Canadian communities and has experienced major boosts during the COVID pandemic. While there have been recent efforts to develop national measures of active living environments for walking and for transit in Canada, there are no corresponding measures for cycling environments. The goal of this study is to develop the first national dataset in Canada for Dissemination area -level metrics of the cycling environment: the Canadian Bikeway Comfort and Safety metrics. This will help develop area-level metrics of the cycling environment for all of Canada.

Issue Number: 2022010
Author(s): Winters, Meghan; Beairsto, Jeneva; Ferster, Colin; Laberee, Karen; Manaugh, Kevin; Nelson, Trisalyn

Main Product: Health Reports

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