A review of Canadian homelessness data, 2023

Articles and reports: 75F0002M2023004

Description: This paper reviews the various data sources available for measuring the population that is experiencing or has experienced episodes of homelessness. It focuses on data that has been collected by Statistics Canada and Infrastructure Canada and draws lessons from the Australian census to improve the data landscape in Canada. This environmental scan identifies gaps in the current data collection strategies and proposes solutions to start filling them. Working with partners, integrating data sets and strengthening the conceptual definitions could contribute to better information on homelessness in Canada and better direct supports to the homeless population.
Issue Number: 2023004
Frequency: Occasional
Author(s): Dionne, Marc-Antoine; Laporte, Christine; Loeppky, Jonathan; Miller, Alex
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HTMLJune 16, 2023
PDFJune 16, 2023