A Profile of Canadian Importers, 2002 to 2009 - ARCHIVED

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This issue presents statistics, derived from the Importer Register Database, on importing establishments for the years 2002 to 2009. This Importer Register Database provides importer statistics such as the number of importers and the value of their imports by industry, importer size, origin and province of residence.

The establishment is the statistical unit of measure. Consequently, any reference made here to "importers" represents "statistical establishments that imported." Inclusion in the database requires that an establishment has imported merchandise in at least one year from 2002 to 2009. If an establishment does not import in a given year, that establishment is not included in the Register for that year.

This report is divided into four sections: "Highlights" consist of an overview of results of the 2009 Importer Register Database; "Findings" contains more detailed analyses of the Importer Register Database; "Methodology, Data concepts and definitions" outlines the estimation methods and limitations as well as the fundamental principles of the Importer Register Database; and "Data tables" contain tabular data for the years from 2002 to 2009.

Issue Number: 2011011

Main Product: Canadian Trade Review

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