Cable and Satellite Television Industry

Tables: 56-209-X


This publication presents national and regional statistics on the financial performance and operations for the Cable and Other Program Distribution industry (NAICS 2007 517112). In it you will find data on revenues, expenses, employment and number of subscribers for the cable and wireless components of the industry.


This product has been discontinued as of February 2013. The last issue of this publication is Cable and Satellite Television Industry 2013000. The data are available through CANSIM; table 353-0003 and in the Summary tables section (free).

Financial and operating statistics on the cable and satellite television industry were previously published in catalogue 56-001-XIE, Broadcasting and Telecommunications. Four issues of that publication were released every year, one devoted to cable and satellite television statistics and the others to radio, television, and telecommunications. Cable and other program distribution statistics for prior years are also available on CANSIM, Statistics Canada's data base and retrieval system (table 3530003).

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML (discontinued), PDF (discontinued)