The Eh Sayers Podcast

Journals and periodicals: 45-20-0003

Description: The ‘Eh Sayers’ podcast explores data of interest to Canadians, like social or news-worthy topics. It also aims to foster data literacy and deliver insight into the lives of Canadians by exploring the data the agency produces and tying it to real life situations through storytelling.
Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML
TitlesRelease dateMore Information
Why Food Inflation Is Such A Hard Nut To CrackMay 8, 2024More information
It's 8pm... Do You Know What Your Kids Are Googling?April 12, 2024More information
How do you say “language revitalization” in Cree?March 28, 2024More information
A little less misinformation a little more true facts, pleaseDecember 13, 2023More information
I Got 99 Problems But Being Misgendered on the Census Isn’t OneAugust 21, 2023More information
Will The 40 Millionth Canadian Please Stand Up?June 19, 2023More information
In a Movie About the Economy, Is Inflation the Bad Guy?April 19, 2023More information
Green Houses, Not GasesNovember 22, 2022More information
Why Haven't We Ended Poverty Yet?October 17, 2022More information
Sylvia Ostry: Lessons from a LegendOctober 7, 2022More information
Dude, Where's My Semiconductor?April 28, 2022More information
Doctor's Appointment? There's an app for that!April 7, 2022More information
Created EqualMarch 16, 2022More information
Why Should You Care About Inflation?January 27, 2022More information
Who Wins and Who Loses in the Gig Economy?January 7, 2022More information
The Craft of Crafting in CanadaDecember 22, 2021More information
Unravelling: Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian familiesDecember 7, 2021More information
Talk about the barriers, not the disability: Activity limitations and COVID-19November 25, 2021More information
New barriers and new freedoms: A conversation with StatCan’s Champion for Persons With DisabilitiesJune 3, 2021More information