Green Houses, Not Gases

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Description: Canada is facing both a climate crisis and a housing crisis, and they are interconnected.

Choices we make about our homes impact the environment: their location and how much we need to use a car to get around, the heat source that they use, the materials used in their construction.

At the same time, the climate impacts our homes: when severe weather strikes and causes damage to our homes, we have no choice but to rebuild, and even if we escape unscathed, we still have to decide how much to change our lifestyles to adapt to a changing climate.

Andrew DeFazio, CMHC Climate Change Advisor, joins us to explore how we can climate-proof our housing strategy and home-proof our climate strategy.

Issue Number: 2022007
Frequency: Occasional
Author(s): Lepage, Annik

Main Product: The Eh Sayers Podcast

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HTMLNovember 22, 2022