A profile of children with affirmative responses to the 2016 census questions on difficulties with activities of daily living

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This study presents a socio-demographic profile of children aged 0 to 14 years with affirmative responses to the DSQ filter questions on the 2016 Census. More specifically, the study examined the distributions of activity limitations by children’s age, sex, and family socioeconomic characteristics. The consistency of this profile with well-established patterns of child disability from the existing literature is discussed, and recommendations are made for research to further assess the suitability of the DSQ filter questions for generating an appropriate sampling frame for prospective child disability surveys.

Issue Number: 2022003
Author(s): Schimmele, Christoph; Arim, Rubab; Charters, Thomas
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HTMLMarch 23, 2022
PDFMarch 23, 2022