A Profile of Businesses in Indigenous Communities in Canada

Articles and reports: 18-001-X2019002


This study provides a broad understanding of the business environments in Indigenous communities - First Nations and Inuit - across Canada. These communities are typically located in rural low density or remote areas. The analysis profiles businesses located in Indigenous communities and compares them with businesses located in Non-Indigenous communities with similar population size parameters; hence, this analysis uses a geographic concept (i.e., the type of community) to connect the business dimension with the Indigenous dimension, as opposed to businesses whose ownership identifies as indigenous.

The profile is based on a set of straightforward business indicators, including business counts, entry and exit, age, revenue and profit indicators, which are tabulated by various classes of businesses defined for the study (industry groupings, employment size, revenue size, etc.). Some tables also feature province and territory geography. All business data are from Statistics Canada's Business Register (BR) January 2017 reference period. The 2011 Census geography is used as the January 2017 BR is based on that classification. The tables are presented by type of community. The results highlight both differences and similarities between the business environments of Indigenous communities and included Non-Indigenous communities.

Issue Number: 2019002
Author(s): Jafri, Haaris; Alasia, Alessandro
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