Canadian Social Environment Typology User Guide

Articles and reports: 17-20-00022022002


The Canadian Social Environment Typology (CanSET) is a geographic classification tool to compare neighbourhoods across Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations. The purpose of this user guide is to define the concept of identical Dissemination Area (DA) clusters used in the Canadian Social Environment Typology (CanSET) and to give an overview of how the clusters can be used to explore DA level health and social inequalities. The user guide also offers information on how to use the new social environment clusters to understand social and health inequalities in more populous areas in Canada.

Issue Number: 2022002
Author(s): Subedi, Rajendra; Aitken, Nicole; Greenberg, T. Lawson
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HTMLMay 9, 2022
PDFMay 9, 2022