The Canadian Productivity Review

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This reference publication on productivity in Canada shows how productivity trends affect Canadian living standards and measures the relative productivity performance of Canada and other countries. Its articles cover productivity and related issues, and it illuminates the sources underlying economic growth in Canada.

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TitlesRelease dateMore Information
An Update on Depreciation Rates for the Canadian Productivity Accounts - ARCHIVEDJanuary 26, 2015More information
Productivity: What Is It? How Is It Measured? What Has Canada's Performance Been Over the Period 1961 to 2012? - ARCHIVEDSeptember 15, 2014More information
Productivity Growth and International Competitiveness - ARCHIVEDSeptember 9, 2014More information
The Impact of Leased and Rented Assets on Industry Productivity Measurement - ARCHIVEDJuly 22, 2014More information
Revisions to the Multifactor Productivity Accounts - ARCHIVEDJuly 8, 2014More information
Experimental Measures of Output and Productivity in the Canadian Hospital Sector, 2002 to 2010 - ARCHIVEDApril 23, 2014More information
Canada-United States Labour Productivity Gap Across Firm Size Classes - ARCHIVED January 8, 2014More information
Canadian Labour Productivity Differences Across Firm Size Classes, 2002 to 2008 - ARCHIVEDAugust 26, 2013More information
Multifactor Productivity Measurement at Statistics Canada - ARCHIVEDMay 28, 2013More information
Productivity and Economic Growth in the Canadian Provinces, 1997 to 2010 - ARCHIVEDApril 17, 2013More information
Intangible Capital and Productivity Growth in Canada - ARCHIVEDJune 1, 2012More information
Productivity Trends of Unincorporated Enterprises in the Canadian Economy, 1987 to 2005 - ARCHIVEDOctober 18, 2010More information
Integrated Productivity Accounts: Contributions to the Measurement of Capital - ARCHIVEDJune 29, 2010More information
Investment in Intangible Assets in Canada: R&D, Innovation, Brand, and Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration Expenditures - ARCHIVEDDecember 2, 2009More information
Productivity Performance in Canada, 1961 to 2008: An Update on Long-term Trends - ARCHIVEDAugust 4, 2009More information
Productivity Spillovers from Competitive Reallocation: Evidence from Canadian Manufacturing Plants - ARCHIVEDMay 19, 2009More information
Revisions to Canada and United States Annual Estimates of Labour Productivity in the Business Sector, 2004 to 2007 - ARCHIVEDMarch 11, 2009More information
The Impact of Public Infrastructure on Canadian Multifactor Productivity Estimates - ARCHIVEDJanuary 14, 2009More information
The Productivity Differential Between the Canadian and U.S. Manufacturing Sectors: A Perspective Drawn from the Early 20th Century - ARCHIVEDDecember 23, 2008More information
Productivity Growth in Canadian and U.S. Regulated Industries - ARCHIVEDNovember 26, 2008More information
Relative Multifactor Productivity Levels in Canada and the United States: A Sectoral Analysis - ARCHIVEDJuly 21, 2008More information
Capital Intensity in Canada and the United States, 1987 to 2003 - ARCHIVEDJuly 10, 2008More information
Infrastructure Capital: What Is It? Where Is It? How Much of It Is There? - ARCHIVEDMarch 12, 2008More information
Productivity: What Is It? How Is It Measured? What Has Canada's Performance Been? - ARCHIVEDFebruary 25, 2008More information
Long-term Productivity Growth in Manufacturing in Canada and the United States, 1961 to 2003 - ARCHIVEDDecember 18, 2007More information
User Guide for Statistics Canada's Annual Multifactor Productivity Program - ARCHIVEDDecember 6, 2007More information
Revisions to Canada and United States Annual Estimates of Labour Productivity in the Business Sector, 2003 to 2006 - ARCHIVEDNovember 27, 2007More information
Revisions to the Quarterly Labour Productivity Estimates - ARCHIVEDOctober 18, 2007More information
Productivity Performance in Canada, 1961 to 2005 - ARCHIVEDSeptember 13, 2007More information
Long-term Productivity Growth in Canada and the United States - ARCHIVEDAugust 28, 2007More information
Multifactor Productivity in Canada: An Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Estimating Capital Services - ARCHIVEDApril 4, 2007More information
The Comparative Level of GDP Per Capita in Canada and the United States: A Decomposition into Labour Productivity and Work Intensity Differences - ARCHIVEDMarch 26, 2007More information
Depreciation Rates for the Productivity Accounts - ARCHIVEDFebruary 12, 2007More information
Provincial Labour Productivity Growth, 1997 to 2005 - ARCHIVEDJanuary 15, 2007More information
Investment and Long-term Productivity Growth in the Canadian Business Sector, 1961 to 2002 - ARCHIVEDJanuary 12, 2007More information
Producing Hours Worked for the SNA in Order to Measure Productivity: The Canadian Experience - ARCHIVEDOctober 27, 2006More information
The 2001 to 2004 Revisions of the Canada-U.S. Labour Productivity in the Business Sector - ARCHIVEDOctober 11, 2006More information
Understanding Productivity: A Primer - ARCHIVEDApril 21, 2006More information
Four Decades of Productivity Performance in Canada - ARCHIVEDOctober 26, 2005More information

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