Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey: Public Use Microdata File

Public use microdata: 13-25-0001

Description: The Public Use Microdata File (PUMF) for the Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS) provides information to fill important data gaps related to vaping, cannabis, and tobacco usage. The data will inform policy and provide a current snapshot of use across Canada.

Until 2017, Statistics Canada conducted the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTADS), which collected data on tobacco as well as alcohol and drug use in Canada. In 2019, the Canadian Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CADS) was conducted to collect data on alcohol and drug use independently from the Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS) which was conducted to primarily collect data on tobacco and nicotine.

This product includes many safeguards to prevent the identification of any one person or household. The CTNS PUMF is for users who prefer to do their own analysis by focusing on specific sub-groups in the population or by cross-classifying variables.

Notes: Electronic File Transfer Service (EFTS): This service allows individuals or external organizations to download electronic files from Statistics Canada via a secure Internet connection.
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML, PDF, EFT, Database