Indigenous Peoples Economic Account: Methodology and Preliminary Results

Articles and reports: 13-604-M2022001

Description: This articles outlines the methodology and some early results obtained from the Indigenous Peoples Economic Account pilot-project developed by Statistics Canada. This economic account includes economic indicators (GDP, output and total number of jobs) as well as a human resource module (HRM). The HRM provides additional demographic socio-economic information about the Indigenous paid workers holding a job, such as sex or education level. The estimates are available by industry and province/territory.
Notes: As of April 2, 2024, the preliminary results in this paper have been updated and are now available at the following links: Gross domestic income attributable to Indigenous people by industry and Paid worker jobs occupied by Indigenous people in the Canadian economy by employee characteristics and industry. Future updates to the preliminary results will occur with the release of the Indigenous Peoples Economic Account program.
Issue Number: 2022001
Frequency: Occasional
Author(s): Ayotte, Catherine; Bridger, Jeremy
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PDFDecember 1, 2022
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