Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) Volume II. Reference Maps

Geographic files and documentation: 12-572-X


The Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) provides a systematic classification structure that categorizes all of the geographic area of Canada. The SGC is the official classification used in the Census of Population and other Statistics Canada surveys.

The classification is organized in two volumes: Volume I, The Classification and Volume II, Reference Maps.

Volume II contains reference maps showing boundaries, names, codes and locations of the geographic areas in the classification. The reference maps show census subdivisions, census divisions, census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations, census metropolitan influenced zones and economic regions. Definitions for these terms are found in Volume I, The Classification. Volume I describes the classification and related standard geographic areas and place names.

The maps in Volume II can be downloaded in PDF format from our website.

Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML, Paper (discontinued)