Intergenerational Education Mobility Among the Children of Canadian Immigrants - ARCHIVED

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We analyse the intergenerational education mobility of Canadian men and women born to immigrants. A detailed portrait of Canadians is offered, as are estimates of the degree of intergenerational mobility among the children of immigrants. Persistence in the years of schooling across the generations is rather weak between immigrants and their Canadian-born children, and one third as strong as for the general population. Parental earnings are not correlated with years of schooling for second-generation children and, if anything, are negatively correlated. Finally, we find that the intergenerational transmission of education has not changed across the birth cohorts of the post-war period.

Issue Number: 2008316
Author(s): Aydemir, Abdurrahman; Chen, Wen-Hao; Corak, Miles
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HTMLOctober 2, 2008
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