Creating and enhancing a population-based linked health database: methods, challenges, and applications - ARCHIVED

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As the availability of both health utilization and outcome information becomes increasingly important to health care researchers and policy makers, the ability to link person-specific health data becomes a critical objective. This type of linkage of population-based administrative health databases has been realized in British Columbia. The database was created by constructing an historical file of all persons registered with the health care system, and then by probabilistically linking various program files to this 'coordinating' file. The first phase of development included the linkage of hospital discharge data, physician billing data, continuing care data, data about drug costs for the elderly, births data and deaths data. The second phase of development has seen the addition data sources external to the Ministry of Health including cancer incidence data, workers' compensation data, and income assistance data.

Issue Number: 1999001
Author(s): Barer, M. L.; Chambers, Ray; Green, B.; Hertzman, Clyde; Lawrence, W. J.; McGrail, K.; Sheps, S. B.
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CD-ROMMarch 2, 2000