South Asians in Canada: Unity through diversity - ARCHIVED

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Numbering 917,000 in 2001, South Asians were the second largest visible minority group in Canada, just behind the Chinese at slightly over one million people. The South Asian community is one of the most diverse visible minority groups, consisting of a range of ethnic, religious and linguistic groups whose ancestries, immigration histories and personal experiences are quite varied. Using data from the 2002 Ethnic Diversity Survey (EDS) and the 2001 Census of Population, this article examines the diversity of the South Asian population in Canada, traces their history in this country and looks at how their ethnic and cultural backgrounds are reflected in their everyday lives.

Issue Number: 2005002
Author(s): Allard, Paul; Kaddatz, Jennifer; Tran, Kelly

Main Product: Canadian Social Trends

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PDFSeptember 13, 2005