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Data collection exercise

  1. The first census to take place after Confederation was held in 1871. Which of the four original Canadian provinces were enumerated?
    1. Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba
    2. New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba and Newfoundland
    3. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario
    4. None of the above
    Answer 1
  2. When collecting data, why is it sometimes better to conduct a sample survey than a census? Answer 2
  3. Suggest reasons why data would be collected on the following topics:
    1. burglaries
    2. causes of death
    3. climate
    4. forests
    5. immigration
    6. schools
  4. List some of the things you would need to consider when choosing a data collection method. Answer 4
  5. Given some of your answers to Question 4, decide as a class which method of data collection you would employ to gather data on the following topics:
    1. the music tastes of your class
    2. the average height of your class
    3. the time your parents spend each week doing housework
    4. the attitude of Canadian students toward the environment
  6. Are there some topics for which data should not be collected? For example, data on people’s health or political beliefs? Discuss as a class where you would 'draw the line' in deciding if issues are too sensitive to ask about.

    What factors would help researchers decide? For example, is the information to be collected of national importance?

Questionnaire exercise

The following questionnaire has been designed to collect information about the users of Greenwood’s Public Library. There are some problems with this questionnaire. Read through and see how many you can explain.


Telephone:               Introduction

1. How often do you use the services offered by the library? Answer 1

2. How many books or periodicals have you borrowed from the library?

3. The last time you used the library, what was the purpose of your visit?

  • search for a book
  • search for a periodical
  • get information from a librarian
  • study peacefully

    Answer 3

4. Were your needs satisfied?

5. How satisfied are you with the quality of service provided by the library and the attitude of the library staff?

6. What do you dislike about the library? Answer 6

7. Are there any improvements which could be made to the library in order to provide better service?

8. Do you approve or disapprove of the recent proposals made by the Library Management Review Committee, such as the proposal to double fines for overdue books?

  • Approve
  • Disapprove

    Answer 8

    (Go to Question 11)

9. Are you aware of these proposals?

10. Why do you disapprove of these proposals? Answer 10

11. Are you against not having longer opening hours?

12. Level of education Answer 12


Thank you for your help!