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Average car commuting times fall in all major cities in 2021

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Infographic description

The title of the infographic is "Average car commuting times fall in all major cities in 2021"

This is a bar chart.

The vertical axis shows the number of minutes from 0 to 35, in intervals of 5.

The horizontal axis shows the following census metropolitan areas: Barrie, Oshawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, Hamilton, Edmonton, Ottawa–Gatineau, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, Victoria, Québec, Saskatoon, Regina, and St. John's.

The first series of bars shows the average car commuting times for 2016: 30.3 minutes for Barrie, 30.9 minutes for Oshawa, 30.3 minutes for Toronto, 27.3 minutes for Vancouver, 26.8 minutes for Montréal, 26.7 minutes for Hamilton, 24.2 minutes for Edmonton, 24.9 minutes for Ottawa–Gatineau, 24.1 minutes for Calgary, 22.7 minutes for Winnipeg, 22.9 minutes for Halifax, 21.2 minutes for Victoria, 21.3 minutes for Québec, 18.7 minutes for Saskatoon, 17.3 minutes for Regina, and 18.3 minutes for St. John's.

The second series of bars shows the average car commuting time for 2021: 29.6 minutes for Barrie, 28.7 minutes for Oshawa, 27.6 minutes for Toronto, 25.6 minutes for Vancouver, 24.9 minutes for Montréal, 24.5 minutes for Hamilton, 23.0 minutes for Edmonton, 22.8 minutes for Ottawa–Gatineau, 22.7 minutes for Calgary, 21.5 minutes for Winnipeg, 21.1 minutes for Halifax, 19.8 minutes for Victoria, 19.5 minutes for Québec, 17.9 minutes for Saskatoon, 17.0 minutes for Regina, and 16.2 minutes for St. John's.

Source(s): Census of Population, 2016 and 2021 (3901).

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