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Investment in non-residential building construction, May 2022

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Infographic description

The title of the infographic is "Investment in non-residential building construction, May 2022"

The infographic includes multiple components, such as a map, tables, pictographs and images.

The text on the infographic, as well as the pie chart and map data, is as follows:

Figure 1: Month-to-month change in non-residential construction investment (seasonally adjusted).

This is a map of Canada by province and territory, showing the month-to-month percentage changes for investment in non-residential construction. Green arrows represent an increase, while red arrows represent a decrease.

Investment in non-residential construction for Canada decreased 0.9% compared to April 2022, Newfoundland and Labrador was down 4.3%, Prince Edward Island was up 0.3%, Nova Scotia was up 2.5%, New Brunswick was up 3.1%, Quebec was up 0.2%, Ontario was down 2.9%, Manitoba was up 1.9%, Saskatchewan was up 1.6%, Alberta was up 0.6%, British Columbia was up 0.1%, Yukon was down 3.4%, Northwest Territories was down 1.4%, Nunavut was down 2.3%.

Table 1: Total investment, millions of dollars (seasonally adjusted).

Total investment for Canada was $5,228.3 million, total investment for Newfoundland and Labrador was $34.0 million, total investment for Prince Edward Island was $19.2 million, total investment for Nova Scotia was $70.2 million, total investment for New Brunswick was $53.9 million, total investment for Quebec was $1,334.8 million, total investment for Ontario was $2,033.3 million, total investment for Manitoba was $160.5 million, total investment for Saskatchewan was $102.6 million, total investment for Alberta was $674.1 million, total investment for British Columbia was $725.8 million, total investment for Yukon was $10.0 million, total investment for Northwest Territories was $3.7 million, total investment for Nunavut was $6.3 million.

Figure 2: Investment in non-residential construction, market share and year-over-year change (seasonally adjusted).

Industrial: Market share was 17.9%, total investment totalled $935.3 million, representing a year-over-year increase of 12.1% or $101.1 million.

Commercial: Market share was 55.2%, total investment totalled $2,888.1 million, representing a year-over-year increase of 13.4% or $341.9 million.

Institutional: Market share was 26.9%, total investment totalled $1,404.9 million, representing a year-over-year increase of 14.1% or $174.1 million.

Source: Table 34-10-0175-01–Investment in Building Construction.

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