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As more Canadians work at locations other than home, employment grows across industries

By April, nearly 5 million Canadians were working most of their hours from home, including more than 3 million for whom this was not their usual place of work. These numbers held steady in May. In June, the number of people working from home declined by about 400,000 as more workplaces re-opened. Workplace adaptations are now extending beyond simply working from home. Nearly all (97.4%) people working at locations other than home in June reported at least one new measure in their workplace to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

By mid-April, notable employment losses were seen across both goods- and services-producing industries. In May, employment grew faster in the goods-producing sector. In June, employment grew in most industries. The industry where employment remains furthest below February levels is accommodation and food services. The adoption of workplace protective measures is high across industries where working from home is more difficult. Workers in agriculture were the least likely to report such measures. Little change in employment was seen in industries where a high proportion of workers were able to switch to working from home, such as professional, scientific, and technical services.

Source(s): Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey.

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