Table 1 
Profile of federally licensed cannabis producers 

Profile of federally licensed cannabis producers
  Fiscal year 2016/2017 Fiscal year 2017/2018 Latest data available
Company characteristics      
Number of companies 37 83 1751
Number of employees 1,438 2,630 9,2001
  square metressquare metressquare metres
Active cultivation area 87,173 187,709 ..
Inactive cultivation area 857,488 854,265 ..
  metric tonnesmetric tonnesmetric tonnes
Licensed cannabis sales 27 46 562
Inventories 18 40 2161
  millions of dollarsmillions of dollarsmillions of dollars
Revenues 246 472 6473
Expenses 303 706 8143
Profits -57 -234 -1663
Investment spending 46 233 ..
Assets 704 2,523 4,1693
not available for a specific reference period
Based on data from the Survey of Licensed Cannabis Producers combined with administrative data from Health Canada and Canada Revenue Agency. About half of all companies have fiscal periods corresponding to the calendar year while others have fiscal periods overlapping two calendar years. Fiscal year data are aggregated without regard to the varying calendar periods.
Statistics Canada, Licensed Cannabis Producers Survey (5252); Health Canada; Canada Revenue Agency.
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