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StatsCannabis crowdsourcing platform

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Infographic description

The title of the infographic is "StatsCannabis crowdsourcing platform"

This is a picture of the StatsCannabis crowdsourcing platform.

The left hand side of the image shows the function for inserting information. At the top is written: Statistics Canada needs your help collecting cannabis prices. Tell us about your last purchase of dried cannabis – submissions are anonymous! Your data is protected."

The fields for inserting information are as follows: I PAID A TOTAL AMOUNT OF "[insert amount]" FOR "[insert quantity]" IN "[insert name of city]" TO "[insert primary reason]." Below the fields for inserting information is the button "submit."

On the right-hand side of the image is a vertical bar chart showing the average price of cannabis in Canada, by region, from January 25 to November 13, 2018.

The title of the chart is "Cannabis prices in Canada (Cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes, per gram)."

The price for B.C. is $6.88 per gram.

The price for the Prairies is $7.20 per gram.

The price for Ontario is $7.44 per gram.

The price for Quebec is $5.84 per gram.

The price for the Atlantic region is $7.07 per gram.

The price for the territories is $10.82 per gram.

The price for Canada overall is $6.85 per gram.

The source of the chart is "Crowdsource data, January 25 to November 13, 2018."

At the bottom, are two buttons "Show data tables" and "Download submitted data."

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