Table 1 
Registrations in registered apprenticeship programs, 2016 

Registrations in registered apprenticeship programs, 2016
  Registered apprenticeship programs Share of all registrations
  number %
Total registrations 417,306 100.0
Already registered 337,455 80.9
New registrations 71,994 17.3
Reinstatements 7,854 1.9
Red Seal trades 330,681 79.2
Already registered 267,360 64.1
New registrations 56,307 13.5
Reinstatements 7,017 1.7
Non-Red Seal trades 86,625 20.8
Already registered 70,098 16.8
New registrations 15,687 3.8
Reinstatements 837 0.2
  • Provinces and territories, which provide the data for this release, make operational and administrative changes related to the training and certification of the trades within their jurisdictions. Since the first iteration of this statistical product, changes have occurred in all provinces and territories that affect historical comparisons. For further information on operational and administrative changes that have occurred over the years see the Registered Apprenticeship Information System Guide.
  • Sums do not add up to totals as a result of rounding.
CANSIM table 477-0053.
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