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Overview of household types, Canada, 2016

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The title of the infographic is "Overview of household types, Canada, 2016"

The infographic describes the household types in Canada from the 2016 Census.

Total Private Households (14,072,080) are divided into non-census family households (4,553,135) and Census family households (9,519,945).

Census family households are composed of at least one census family. Census families are defined as couples, with or without children, and lone-parent families.

Census family households are divided into these following household types: couples without children (3,627,185), couples with children (3,728,375), lone-parent families (1,250,190), multigenerational households (403,810), and other family households (510,380).

Multigenerational households include at least three generations of the same family. Other family households include two or more families living together or one family living with other people, excluding multigenerational households.

Non-census family households are divided into one-person households (3,969,795) and non-census-family households of two or more persons (582,345), such as roommates or siblings living together.

Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2016.

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